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St. Petersburg is а beautiful city founded by Peter the Great. Many talented European architects worked on the creation of this future northern capital. Our tours will introduce you the city's sights and places of interest, you will get to know its history during three centuries of its development (from the fortress on the Hares Island to present day). Masterpieces of sculptural architectural and landscape art will open you their legends, mysteries and exiting stories.

Экскурсии по СПб

Our travel agency organizes all kinds of tours, quests, game excursions, lessons, wedding-, graduation-,corporate trips and other similar events. And in all cases you will have an unbelievably interesting and informative tour.
We offer you a following variety of tours:
   Group tour.  This way, you will travel around the city as a part of a collective group, which will be guided by an experienced professional;
   Individual tour.  This way, you (with friends or family) will have your personal guide and transport ( if you wish so);
It should be noted that we offer several options for organizing such trips. You can have a walking tour or to be transported by different kinds of transport (a tour bus, or a nice boat). The cost of the tour in St. Petersburg depends on following factors: type of the tour (group or individual); way to travel (on foot or by car); duration of the tour.
In any case, the tour price remains affordable and accessible for nearly everyone.

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