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Sightseeing tour

длительность экскурсии
3 hours
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9450 ₽

        This guided tour by bus includes a drive around the historical center of Saint-Petersburg to observe the most important places and the high-lights of the city with several photo stops.

        You will get acquainted with the fascinating history of numerous palaces, mansions, churches, apartment houses, squares and ancient streets of the city.  Each of them has its own unique story.

       St. Petersburg is decorated with a big number of unique monuments, busts, steles, obelisks and triumphal gates. Some of them keep memory of people, well- known not only in Russia, but abroad. Others remember important events from the history of the city and the whole country. The Palace Square, The Bronze Horseman, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, the "Aurora" Cruiser will reveal you their charming beauty and splendor.

Место встречи

длительность экскурсии


3 hours
фото экскурсии
фото экскурсии
фото экскурсии
фото экскурсии
фото экскурсии
Group Price
1-2 pax 9 450 RUB
3-5 pax 10 900 RUB
7-17 pax 10 900 RUB

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